Our Capabilities

  • 200–1,000 Ton Progressive Presses
  • 200–1,000 Ton Transfer Presses
  • In-House Tool Room
  • Robotic Welding
  • Blanking
  • Tapping
  • Wheelabrating
  • Staking

NVH—Where the
Action Is

Since automotive engineers are constantly striving to make parts stiffer, quieter and lighter, today they require more from their stamping suppliers. With our in-house engineering staff providing R&D and tool design services, along with a tool room and quality control lab, we’re much more than the typical stamping company. In fact, we collaborated on our first NVH parts more than 30 years ago. Since then we have gained invaluable experience through our participation in numerous Value-Added/Value-Engineered programs to design and produce new parts, or to reduce the costs of existing parts. These include engine mounts, suspension mounts, transmission mounts, brackets, bushings and more.

Powertrain Parts by the Millions

As vehicle engines continue to become more complex, understanding the tooling considerations in creating powertrain parts is more important than ever. We know. We currently supply more than 24 million differential friction discs and transfer case gears per year within 38 different part varieties. Perhaps more impressive is the fact that we have the capacity to produce even more!

Automotive Exhaust Systems

If you engineer exhaust systems, you know it’s a complex component that plays a critical role in both emissions and acoustics. We know how important it is to produce those components to the highest quality standards and tolerances in order meet exact performance requirements. We have provided advanced design services with draw simulation software to enable our customers to identify potential problem areas during the earliest stages of product development. Then, using either our in-house tooling capabilities or our Korean tooling affiliate, we have delivered significant cost savings to our customers.

Front End Module

More than meets the eye, our front end module is a complex assembly that requires high levels of functionality, technology and fitting accuracy. As an industry leader in innovative front end module technology systems, Bayloff creates systems that reinforce the structure of the vehicle while maintaining the tolerances of the body in accordance with NVH performance. Depending on the model of the vehicle, the FEM is comprised of visible parts (headlights, front grill, bumpers) and hidden parts (front end carrier, air conditioning components, engine cooling and crash management systems).

Capable of Any Kind of Stamping

We have a diverse background in tooling and stamping—in the automotive industry and beyond. For example, some of the parts we successfully produce include brake system dust shields, running board brackets, commercial ladder hinges and audio speaker housings. Over the years, we have earned the distinction from numerous Tier One manufacturers as being an exceptional member of their supply chains. But, most importantly, our success is based on a relentless drive to improve our engineering and manufacturing processes in order to help our customers lower costs, gain new efficiencies and build better products.

Quality Control Lab

Everyone talks about it, but how can you guarantee that the absolute highest standards of quality are met day in and day out? We do it with our advanced Quality Control Lab. And like everyone else at Bayloff, our lab employees are passionate about one thing: the relentless pursuit of the perfect stamped part. Yeah, we know, it’s not the sexy side of the car business. But when stampings are your life, you appreciate different things…like a coordinate measuring machine, an optical comparator, a Rockwell tester or a push-out machine. This equipment, along with other quality initiatives, allows us to perform numerous inspections throughout the entire production process.